Luxury Airport Limo Transfers May Be More Affordable Than You Probably Think

Limo Airport Transfer service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living like the rich and famous? Well you can! How? By booking an airport limo transfer.

When most people hear this they think - "I can't afford that". However you would be surprised.

Getting to and from an airport in any major city normally always carries a hefty price tag. This is due to the location of the airport and the hotel or place you need to travel to and the traffic that is normally around these busy areas.

There are always cheap and even free options. Of course you can always find a cheap and maybe even free option if you are lucky. Having a friend, relative or family member pickup you up would be the obvious choice, but what if you are new to the area and just visiting? You may not know anyone. Your only other free option in this case is through hitch hiking or making friends on the plane and organising a lift from someone who is getting a lift themselves or has a car at the airport.

You next cheapest options are public transport with a bus or train being the most common choices. But even these services in major capital cities can often be more expensive that a similar distance travelled in another part of town. Purely because the government knows that they have a monopoly on people in this area so they can effectively charge whatever they want. After all if you have just spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a flight you can surely afford a bit more to get you on your way.

What about the common Taxi? I would think that taxi's are most likely the most common form of transport to or from an airport. Purely because most people don't want the hassle of the confined and sometimes awkward public transport or even shuttle bus option. Sure a taxi will be more expensive than a crowded form of transport but you pay for that luxury.

Luxury limo transfer: At this point of the options most people have gone with the taxi thinking that is what they can afford and after all they are not rich and famous so why would they want to travel like that? Well this is where most people are just misinformed.

You see an airport limo transfer cost can sometimes be comparable to a taxi if you are in need of 1 hours travel. The reason being that a limo hire car operator will normally have a set hourly rate or at least a minimum fare fee. Whereas a taxi has a minimal starting fee plus charges on distance travelled or time take - sometimes a split between the two. Now as we know getting to or from an airport in any major city can carry with it some traffic due to being in a busy part of town. So you will already have to pay a fair amount on a taxi due to the time taken to get you where you need to go.

Also take into consideration that a taxi will often need you to line up in a long queue and you have no idea what the condition of the car or the temper of the driver may be.

A limo transfer on the other hand does not have to be an exotic stretch limousine. It limo transfer may be a simple luxury European sedan. Still a very expensive vehicle and when driven by a suited chauffeur you start to see where the luxury element comes into play. Ok paying for this service by yourself my be a little more than a taxi however if you are travelling with a friends or colleague splitting such a bill can make it very cost effective. Not to mention you know exactly what car you will be getting and the driver and vehicle will be waiting for you so no long draining taxi queues.

Travelling to or from the airport will never be the same again once you try this method of transport and if you do some proper research I am sure you will be very surprised at just how reasonably priced this can be. If you have never hired a luxury limo transfer you owe it to yourself to try it for your next flight.