Eating Challenge - How Far Would You Go?

There are many different types of eating challenges. The fastest to consume some sort of food, the most food eaten in a given time, the tastiest food from different vendors, and the most dreaded of the all the nastiest food eating challenges.

TV shows have long since leveraged the curiosity of viewers to watch the contestants be tormented into eating some disgusting meals. However in some cultures eating the inners of animals, bugs, insects, non-traditional animals and some down right odd looking creatures is perfectly normal. In fact if they didn't eat these critters they would probably not survive. But for someone who's tastebuds are not accustomed to such delicacies these meals can look downright putrid.

Take for example the recent Australian TV series of "I'm a celebrity. Get me outta here!". The celebrity contestants had numerous challenges and some were eating or drinking of some down right vile things. I admit some of the items were delicacies for the local South African indigenous inhabitants however some were surely not. Either way they must have been safe for human consumption, after all these were celebrities being made to consumer them.  But lets just say its a good thing that we don't have smell o vision just yet, as often times the contestants and even hosts were practically dry reaching just from the smell.

But all standard competitions aside how far would you go to try different foods. All of us have our likes and dislikes but how often do you go out of your way to try something new? Could you eat something new once a week? How about once a day? That would be a tough challenge. Or maybe not. It really depends on who you are.

If you are the person who always orders the same meal from the same restaurant, then this challenge will be easier for you to find the foods that you haven't tried. The hard part will be actually eating them.

Or maybe you are someone who tries everything already. Not a fussy eater. Then how would you go about facing this challenge of trying something new every day. How long could you last?

Sure you cold go to your local supermarket and try to eat every single thing in their inventory. But eventually you would run out of options. If you live in a multicultural part of town or have nearby areas that are predominately different cultures such as a Chinatown for instance, then you could work your way through their selection of menu items. But what then? Travel overseas? That would be fun and exciting!

Eating a variety of different foods is beneficial not only to our tastebuds but to our whole bodies. Different foods have different nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to perform normal bodily functions. Our body needs the right components form the food we eat to repair and produce new cells. Mend itself and make us stronger. After all they say that by exposing your self to sometimes harmful environments is good as it strengthens your immune system.

Now I am not saying that you should torture yourself into consuming gross or disgusting things, but get out there and try new foods. Set to a plan. Such as Trying something new at least once a week. Then see how long you go for. Why stop? Your could literally do it till you die! Or if you are more adventurous why not try to commit to something new once a day! See how long you last.

Your body will appreciate the new and interesting foods that you are consuming and you will build your health and immune systems. Not to mention you may find something that you have never tried before that really relates to your tastebuds!