Are you a truly good and kind person? Answer these simple questions and find out!


It isn’t always easy to do the right thing. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to be a truly good and kind person. As human beings, we are programmed to see the best in ourselves. Therefore, we may not be the ideal people to judge our own goodness. If you are trying to figure out if you are a genuinely good person, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

When you interact with others how do they respond to you?

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Luxury Airport Limo Transfers May Be More Affordable Than You Probably Think

Limo Airport Transfer service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living like the rich and famous? Well you can! How? By booking an airport limo transfer.

When most people hear this they think - "I can't afford that". However you would be surprised.

Getting to and from an airport in any major city normally always carries a hefty price tag. This is due to the location of the airport and the hotel or place you need to travel to and the traffic that is normally around these busy areas.

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Eating Challenge - How Far Would You Go?


There are many different types of eating challenges. The fastest to consume some sort of food, the most food eaten in a given time, the tastiest food from different vendors, and the most dreaded of the all the nastiest food eating challenges.

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The Famous Legend of Rob Burgurndy


The legend of Ron Burgurndy has been made famous by the popuar comedy movie Anchorman. Released in 2004, viewers were both entertained and left in wonderment if any of the strory line actually ever existed. Well I can tell you that if you believe in something, it is always true. Nevertheless Anchorman is a magic tale of a punchy storyline, confusing humor and straight out gold. It is gauranteed to provide you with a barrel of laughs, but please do not try to pickup that gaurantee anywhere cause much like the characters they don't exist.

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Did you know? Tiger Facts


Tigers are one of the worlds most well known animals due to their power, strength and overall reputation. The tiger is often adopted as a sporting mascot for various sporting teams around the world because of this power symbol and the fear that is associated with this ferocious predator.

But with all that you know about these wild predators here are a few more interesting facts that you may not know about the beloved and much feared tiger.

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